Glenn Grubbs, Artist
Artist's Statement
"I’m not portraying the world, I’m creating one".

• My art is of the moment, it is immediate, a record of temporal experience and process. “Art is not a thing; it is a way.” - Elbert Hubbard

• I embrace the notion of imperfection in my work.  Material qualities are celebrated - they are an integral part of my process.

• I pursue formal ideals through composition, color, form, texture, etc.

• The purpose of my art is visual, not political, etc.

• The art object is a palimpsest of the event of creation. The expression that results from the work is of creative internal energies.

• I believe in discipline and diligence in pursuing a motif or idea, and understand the divergent results that come about from using each medium; this is why I execute the same motif across a variety of media – the potential for new discoveries. Each media possesses unique characteristics which contain a latent potential to reveal new opportunities for subsequent exploration.

• My outlook is forward-looking and experimental. I’m discovering new ways to explore new ideas.

• Machines, outsourcing, etc., remove the evidence of process. This is an essential characteristic of architecture, which demands the intervention and collaboration of many to create the whole. Art demands the opposite: evidence of personal process, unfiltered by external sources.

My creative process is an evolving dialog between the external (condition beyond self) and internal (condition within self), emerging from:

1. Perception: The results of immediate experience that are literally drawn from life. (‘Artists must first be viewers’, Ruskin, 1858]) As noted by Santella, ‘artists control the amount of detail in the images they create . . . want(ing) the appearance of reality which has been organized and structured to make its meaning clearer, if necessarily more limited than the infinite complexity of reality.’ Anthony Santella,2005.. The artist acts as a filter between observed reality and the work that results in the art object.

2. Memory
: Creating work that emerges from the recollection of significant events. It is an internalized vision can be more fundamental or essential than perception, with less detail.

3. Imagination
: Various techniques of Automatism. Collaboration. Techniques that move one beyond routine experience and memory, the ‘other’, transcendence, journeys to the sublime.

My work is done in a variety of media. I use oil, acrylic, tempera/gouache, watercolor, on various surfaces; paper, canvas, board, wood, etc.  Techniques include original works as well as monoprint, serigraph, stenciling, block cut lithographs, etc.
I believe it is necessary to try multiple iterations of compositions exploring variations and using different media as a means of pursuing a more ideal result. This exploration expands my understanding of the possibilities inherent in each compositional idea.
If you are interested in a private viewing of the artist's collection, would like to commission art work, or would like to arrange an exhibit at your facility, please contact us - we would love to hear from you!
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